Many individuals, institutions and corporations have already contributed significant amounts of time, data, equipment, and funding to the Parametric Human Project. These invaluable contributions have helped us to successfully launch a large multi-institution international effort with over 40 scientists, staff and graduate students. Please join us in the pursuit of this exciting collaboration.


The most valuable contribution that can be given is time. Two aspects of our project would greatly benefit from volunteers who can offer their time to the Parametric Human Project: information modeling and human anatomy. Experts in computational ontologies and information modeling are needed to develop advanced modeling tools to be used by human anatomy experts. Experts in aspects of human anatomy, who can help us to encode concepts, relationships, or material properties using our advanced modeling tools, are needed to develop a complete human information model.


The Parametric Human Project will be entirely data-driven. Therefore, to continuously improve the statistical relevance of the morphological model, new data contributions will be needed on an ongoing basis. This goal can only be achieved through contributing institutions with large physical or digital anatomical collections. While data sharing between institutions has traditionally been challenging due to the coordination of ethics agreements, we aspire to develop these agreements for the common good to maximize the benefit to humanity of the precious contributions of the people who have donated their data or posthumous remains.


Many aspects of the Parametric Human Project require data at a resolution beyond what is typically collected today. To meet this need, innovative high-resolution devices for scanning and digitization are sought. We are extremely grateful to corporations providing their advanced systems for use in this project.


Direct funding of the Parametric Human Project will support all of the above contribution types; time, data, and equipment. The application of any funding provided will strictly adhere to the Values of the Parametric Human Project, that is, direct community collaboration and no animal-based research. Our goal of developing a complete digital human model will only be possible through granting institutions and corporate/private donors.

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Please contact Jeremy Mogk for more information.